right1 [ raıt ] adverb ***
▸ 1 exactly
▸ 2 immediately
▸ 3 correctly/accurately
▸ 4 toward the right
▸ 5 all the way
▸ 6 completely
▸ 7 as would be normal
1. ) exactly:
Their office is right in the middle of town.
The keys were right here a minute ago.
Am I late? No, you're right on time.
right behind/in front of: Don't worry I'm right behind you.
2. ) immediately:
I knew right from the start we were going to have problems.
right after/before: He arrived right after me.
a ) right away immediately:
She called and asked me to come over right away.
b ) someone will be right with you/right there SPOKEN used for saying that someone is coming very soon:
Make yourself at home. I'll be right with you.
3. ) correctly or accurately:
You did it right the first time.
4. ) in the direction of your right side:
Turn right at the corner.
5. ) all the way:
right up/down: The water came right up to our knees.
right through: My foot went right through the floorboards.
right into/out of: The car swerved and went right into a wall.
6. ) completely:
It'd gone right out of my mind until just now.
7. ) in the way that you would normally hope something to be:
go right: Everything went just right and the party was a big success.
do right (to do something): You did right to call me, he said.
right and left or right, left, and center INFORMAL
in large numbers or amounts:
They're buying up companies right and left.
1. ) at the present time:
We're working on it right now, so it should be ready soon.
2. ) immediately:
Go to bed right now!
right 2 [ raıt ] adjective ***
▸ 1 correct
▸ 2 morally correct
▸ 3 on one side of body
▸ 4 with needed qualities
▸ 5 in correct state etc.
▸ 6 fashionable/important
▸ 7 on the correct side
▸ 8 complete
1. ) if something is right, it is correct according to the facts:
D is the right answer.
Is this the right way to the station?
Does anyone have the right time?
get something right: Let me get this right you told her about it?
a ) if someone is right, they are correct in their opinion or explanation:
You were absolutely right, my sweater was in the car.
right about: She's right about one thing we do need a bigger house.
be right in saying/thinking/believing etc. something: I think he's quite right in saying that these shares are overvalued.
─ opposite WRONG
2. ) morally correct:
be right (of someone) to do something: It wasn't right of her to take advantage of you.
do the right thing: You did the right thing by telling them you had lied.
it is (only) right that: It is right that such efforts should be rewarded.
it is only right to do something: I think it's only right to warn you that I'm actively looking for another job.
─ opposite WRONG
3. ) on or relating to the side of your body that is toward the east when you are facing north:
Hold the bat in your right hand.
One of the engines on the right side of the aircraft caught fire.
Take the next right turn, which leads straight to the farm.
─ opposite LEFT
4. ) the right person or thing for someone or something has exactly the qualities that are wanted or needed:
I'm not sure this is the right time to take a vacation.
Harry's definitely the right person for the job.
right for: I always told you he wasn't right for you (=as a boyfriend or husband).
─ opposite WRONG
5. ) in the position, state, or situation that you would normally expect someone or something to be:
Be sure the handle is in the right position before switching on the machine.
She hadn't been feeling right for weeks.
He walked in and could see immediately that something wasn't right.
─ opposite WRONG
6. ) fashionable, important, or belonging to a high social class:
He's seen with all the right people in all the right places.
─ opposite WRONG
7. ) relating to the side of something that should be seen or used:
Make sure the right side of the fabric is facing outward.
the right way up/around: Perhaps you should try turning the map the right way up.
─ opposite WRONG
8. ) BRITISH SPOKEN complete: often used for emphasizing how bad someone or something is:
He made me look a right idiot.
(as) right as rain INFORMAL
not ill or injured in any way
give your right arm (for something/to do something) INFORMAL
to be willing to do anything in order to be able to get or achieve something:
At that moment she would have given her right arm to not be in that room.
in the right place at the right time
to be somewhere at a time when you can take advantage of an opportunity:
She was in the right place at the right time and they hired her immediately.
no one in their right mind would do something SPOKEN
used for saying that someone would have to be crazy to do something:
No one in their right mind would go out with him.
not in your right mind/not right in the head INFORMAL
He's never been quite right in the head.
she'll be right AUSTRALIAN SPOKEN
used for telling someone that a bad situation will improve
a step in the right direction
an action that increases the possibility of success:
Recruiting some new staff is a step in the right direction.
that's right SPOKEN
1. ) used instead of yes as an answer to a question or statement:
So you're seeing James again tomorrow? That's right.
2. ) used for emphasizing that you think someone is behaving in an unreasonable way:
That's right! Just run away when things get difficult!
right 3 [ raıt ] noun ***
▸ 1 good behavior
▸ 2 something that is allowed
▸ 3 permission to publish
▸ 4 side of your body
▸ 5 in politics
▸ 6 hit with right hand
1. ) uncount behavior that is considered good or moral:
I think we've got right on our side (=we are morally right).
right and wrong (=good and bad): Do children of that age really know the difference between right and wrong?
─ opposite WRONG
2. ) count something that you are morally or legally allowed to do or have:
Workers' rights are practically non-existent in many clothing factories here.
equal rights (for someone) (=the same rights for everyone): legislation providing equal employment rights for women
right to: the right to political asylum
have a/no/every right to do something: After the way you've been treated, you have every right to complain.
You have no right to come barging in here like that.
give someone the right to do something: What gives you the right to talk to me in that high-handed way?
a ) animal rights the idea that animals have the same natural rights as humans, for example the right not to be treated cruelly
3. ) rights plural the legal authority to publish a book, play, movie, piece of music, etc. or to use it for a performance or production:
right to: I hear that she sold the motion-picture rights to her book for a substantial sum.
4. ) singular the side of your body that is toward the east when you are facing north, or this direction:
the right: Could people in the front row move a little to the right?
on the right (of): Her house is on the right of the street.
on someone's right: It's the second door on your right.
to someone's right: As we climbed, we saw a row of mountains to our right.
a ) singular a turn toward the right by someone walking or driving:
make/take/hang a right: Take a right at the art gallery.
b ) the first/second etc. right the first/second, etc. road or street on the right:
Take the second right and then go straight on.
─ opposite LEFT
5. ) the right or the Right the political party or the group of people within a society who are conservative in their political views:
The Secretary has been attacked by the Right for her views on school vouchers.
a ) the right the members of a particular political party who are the most conservative in their political views:
Most people on the right support states' rights.
6. ) count a hit made with your right hand:
right to: He was knocked out with a right to the jaw.
be in the right
to be morally or legally correct in what you do or believe:
Naturally, both parties think they are in the right.
be within your rights (to do something)
to have the moral or legal authority to do something:
You are quite within your rights to sue them.
by right/(as) of right
because you are morally or legally allowed to do or have something:
I wasn't stealing these things are mine by right.
by rights
if things are done as they should be:
By rights, we should split the profits among the three of us.
do right by someone
to deal with someone kindly or correctly
have (got) someone bang to rights VERY INFORMAL
to have enough evidence to prove that someone is guilty of a crime
in your own right
as a result of your own ability, achievements, qualifications, etc. and not because of anyone else:
Her father's a well-known author, but she's an excellent writer in her own right.
put/set someone right BRITISH
1. ) to make someone understand that a situation is different from what they thought it was:
She thought you could buy tickets at the door, but we soon put her right.
2. ) INFORMAL to make someone feel better:
Try taking extra vitamins that'll put you right.
put/set something to rights
to make something go back to its normal state again:
We'll have to put the place to rights before they get back.
the rights and wrongs of something
the good and bad aspects of something:
We'll worry about the rights and wrongs of the situation in the morning.
╾ right|ness noun uncount
right 4 [ raıt ] interjection SPOKEN **
▸ 1 for saying you agree
▸ 2 for checking if correct
▸ 3 for getting attention
▸ 4 for change of activity
▸ 5 for checking attention
1. ) used for saying that you agree with a statement or accept a suggestion or an order:
Get some more milk when you're out. Right.
a ) used for saying that you disagree completely with a statement or do not intend to accept a suggestion or an order:
He said he'll be here on time. Yeah, right. Like last time.
2. ) used for asking whether what you have said is correct:
You told everyone about tomorrow's meeting, right?
3. ) used for making someone pay attention before you say something:
Right! Is everybody ready to start?
4. ) used for saying that you have finished one thing and are going to do something else:
Right, let's try another approach.
5. ) used in an informal way for checking that someone is paying attention and understands what you are saying:
I was coming home, right, about 12 o'clock, and I saw him running off.
used for emphasizing that you agree with or support someone or something:
Things are going to change around here from now on. Right on!
too right BRITISH
used for emphasizing that a statement is completely correct or true:
I'll finish my homework before I go out. Too right!
right 5 [ raıt ] verb transitive
1. ) to put someone or something back into their usual upright position:
We righted the canoe and were able to paddle back to shore.
2. ) to correct something bad or wrong that someone has done:
right a wrong: They wanted revenge, to right the wrong that had been done to them.
3. ) to make something go back into the state or situation that you would normally expect it to be in:
a futile attempt to right a hopeless situation

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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